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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Brene Brown tells us that shame can’t live in community. She’s right! I talked about this in my book Daddy Issues: How to Detangle from the Sins of our Fathers. The #MeToo Movement was so powerful because of the connection between survivors who had similar stories. Think of the most embarrassing thing you are still holding on to. If you decided to find a FB group with people who had the same experience as you, you’ll likely share it. What’s more, you’ll probably feel less shameful about it.

I love to watch the walls of guilt, shame, lack of trust, etc. melt when I’m leading a support group. It’s one of my favorite things to do: hold space for several people with the same goal of healing as one another. The way the light bulbs go off almost in unison during the Daddy Issues Healing Circle is so inspiring! This opportunity for women who are healing from the stigma of Daddy Issues is led by me, based on the framework I built in my books. I knew I wanted to make this offer in a live setting because this is work that is so much more powerful when you can discuss things with people who have similar goals. Whether you are considering a group for working through the abandonment, rejection, relationship issues, etc. that come with Daddy Issues or a support group for healthier eating habits, I’m here to give you the benefits of joining a support group for your overall growth. Consider these things in addition to what’s mentioned above.

Group helps…

Build community

Networking is crucial when you’re learning new skills. I’ve found it so helpful to build a network of colleagues who are more advanced than me. I appreciate the guidance and gentle nudges when I don’t believe in myself. It’s even more rewarding when I can see a return on the investment of time and effort to be better. Almost suddenly I can see a more confident business woman because I work to apply what I’m learning and supported through. It’s the same thing with a group. I’ve heard women talk about the very awareness of how they show up in relationships after being in my Daddy Issues Healing Circle. This new knowledge or acknowledgement of their interaction as friends, lovers, mothers, etc. is what helps them take the necessary steps to being their best selves. This awareness happens much more quickly with a team working together.

Give new perspective

You know how we get on our kids about doing things we told them to do a while ago, yet they don’t take action until someone else tells them? I find this similar dynamic with group. You’ll likely enter a group knowing what you need to do to be better. You may have fought it for a while. It’s a phenomenon I don’t quite understand, but there’s something about hearing the same advice from another person who may be going through the same things. That brings us back to community. Recall the importance of being in a similar space with people who know the struggle; you will likely have the same drive at some point. After all, you at least signed up for the group sessions. Now you can put your two heads together to be great and sharpen one another’s perspectives. You may have had the same ideas all along, but now you’re not alone. You have a partner in this!

Save money

Let’s face it, money is an issue. We have to be sure to make the right decisions when it comes to investing in ourselves financially. Sure, your hair and lashes are important. The hot girl summer is underway! But how can you build a sustainable personal framework for your mind, body, and spirit if you don’t invest in your healing journey as adequately as you do for your outward appearance? You’re certainly in luck with the group experience. Joining a support group is a great way to ease into this type of healing while also saving you money. The great thing about paying for a group session is that when calculating the total cost, you’ll find the bill to be a fraction compared to the individual sessions. What’s more, you’ll have not only the professional in the room, but other people who are experts on their lives. I thoroughly enjoy watching people get the most bang for their buck by engaging with other women who share in the Daddy Issues Healing Circle. By then, you may even be ready for individual therapy because you will have seen the value in yourself because of the growth you made.

Community leads to new perspectives, which will be worth the financial investment you make in the group experience. Ready to join the Daddy Issues Healing Circle? You can fill out the form on my homepage to schedule a consultation today!

What have you found to be the most helpful when you are engaged in the group process? What questions do you have? Comment below!

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