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Learn The G.R.A.C.E. Method
Move from 

Anxious in Love to Secure in your relationships


If you're like many of the women I've worked with over the years, you want to feel confident and secure in your relationships instead of nervous and worried. Have you ever wondered why so many single millennial women struggle in their love life? It seems like you're always working harder than your partners but there's nothing to show for it except heartbreak and wasted time!


Listen to me tell you about how the very first GRACE Space meeting went! 

Then keep reading to learn more about The GRACE Method.

Elegant Leather Cases

There’s a way to get out of this cycle. I have 5 things you need to focus on.

  1. Get to know your symptoms. This will help you to discover things about yourself that you didn’t realize were actual results of you ignoring your own needs for years, including your Daddy Issues. How can you really tend to them and take care of yourself without knowing what it means when your stomach drops after seeing your crush put heart eyes under another person’s IG post?

  2. Rescript your negative messages. Then you have to rescript the entire story you make up about the heart eyes. Somehow, your brain automatically goes to “he’s trying to play me” or “I must not matter as much as I thought”. In reality, you need to make sure you have a system for challenging those thoughts. 

  3. Address Self Care Needs. This is where addressing your self care needs come in. This helps you pinpoint if you need a scream into your pillow or a call to the homies when you’re triggered. The same trick won’t work for every situation and you need to know how to grab the right tool. 

  4. Connect with people that make sense. When you get to the point where you are a boss at taking care of yourself because you know how you are and what you tell yourself, then you’ll be in a position to kick out the people you don’t need. Including the people who weren’t a good match when you were dating to the friendships that you probably should have left alone a while ago. You’ll connect to people who want the best for you.

  5. Enforcing the boundaries will be simple after that! 


When you combine all of these elements together, you’re going to be able to say “no” to the unhealthy people you would normally bend over backwards for. You’ll feel less guilty about it because you’ve finally started sleeping better knowing you have people in your world who matter. It’s easier to sleep better when you are secure in your own body and feel safe within the relationship with yourself. 

If you have trouble with any one of these, you’re probably missing one of the elements from my GRACE Method, get it?

Get a peek
Your GRACE Space

Maybe you've been telling yourself:

  1. “I will always be alone” 

  2. “Nobody will want to be with me”

  3. “I’m never going to be good enough for…”

  4. “I don’t deserve good things”

  5. “I can’t trust anyone”

This is how I’ve seen you try to fix feeling the anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and confusion that comes with your relationships so far; Could one of these be you?
  1. You give too much of yourself without requiring much from the other person

  2. Sex, drugs, rock and roll 

  3. Avoiding the Daddy Issues that you don’t think are there 

  4. Not speaking up for yourself

  5. Ignoring your own needs 

I’ve been there–trying to fix what ultimately can’t be… unless I stopped running and was real with myself. There’s no judgment in this brave space I have for you.

The things you’ve suffered because you are running probably have you

  1. Questioning your self worth

  2. Physically and emotionally tired

  3. Pushing others away because self-sabotage is so easy

  4. Distant from God and/or your anchor in life

No wonder your relationships are repeating themselves in the same unhealthy way, just with different faces.

It’s not all your fault though. These missteps are likely because you

  1. Had a non-existent relationship with your father (and/or had a great one!)

  2. Didn’t have proper examples of healthy relationships

  3. Don’t know how to set boundaries

  4. Think love means working hard and proving yourself every day before you lose it


I’ve finally learned how much power my anxiety had over me. My personal relationships have suffered, opportunities were missed, and my self esteem tanked one spiraling thought at a time!


The mistakes I made are probably similar to yours. And sometimes I still find myself in the cycle of shame. For a while, I battled those thoughts alone. I didn’t have the resources or the community to gather around me when I needed them most. A big part of it was because of my pride–I didn’t want to share what I was going through.


This is why I’ve created this intentional space for you to connect with other like-minded women on a journey from being anxiously in love to being secure in their relationships.


This live coaching space with me as your guide will give you the chance to learn practical skills to fight old beliefs and habits that stop you from attracting the love you want.

Modern Workspace

This opportunity is unlike any other coaching program because I have developed the GRACE Method to help elevate you from the anxiously single woman to the secure woman in her relationships. 


And this unique, effective method is found in the Is it me? Online Course Community just for YOU!


The step-by-step breakdown through video modules are found in the Is it Me? Online Course, which grants you exclusive access to the community.


The support you receive directly from me helps with accountability, and will help you stay the course for your mission to leave the misery behind in your dating life. 


The support from other members gives you access to other experts in their lives who will hold you up and lean on the value you will surely bring to the community. 


This is a lifelong journey that you will have after your purchase of the Is it me? Online Course, because let’s face it 6-8 weeks of a self-paced course just won’t do! It’s my personal goal to ride with you through life changes!


(if you are in the program with me and at any point I make changes, you will be admitted to the new program at no cost)

What it is like to interact in Christian’s GRACEful world

E. Davidson

Christian addresses how the symptoms of Daddy Issues can present differently for different women and the many aspects of life that can be impacted. My sisters and I exhibit different symptoms even having been raised by the same parents.

I loved that there were self-care check-ins and homework… it helped me reflect on my personal views, issues, and hangups.

M. Malaney

Christian  helps you to explore self without judgment and with self-care in mind!

J. Norwood

I know I went to therapy for a number of years for my own daddy issues, and I am glad I did. When you don't work through those, those scars trickle over into everyday life. I wish I would have had this book sooner. The workbook is now out too- run, don't walk to get it. I have gifted the book a few times as well, we all need to help each other heal. Looking forward to more books by Christian Jackson!

How will the Is it Me? Online Course change your life?



You had a history of toxic relationships. You always had a desire to be in a healthy, intimate partnership. Your experience with an absent father attracted narcissistic men to you.
You have the confidence to create healthy boundaries in your romantic relationship. You no longer depend on other people to fill the void your father left in your heart.
You put up walls because you didn’t want people to see your flaws. You accepted these flaws as truth and hid from anyone who told you something positive about yourself.
You believe the beauty you’ve always had. You stand firm with lessons learned from tough experiences and realize your strength. You understand the feedback from other people are based on their own worldviews...and you know it has nothing to do with you! You’re shining!
You laughed when someone asked you when you had time for yourself. You put off any self-care because, frankly, you didn’t think you were worth it.
Now you relax, relate, and release! You are adamant about self-reflection. You know your needs AND fulfill them for your mind, body, and soul. You have become an expert at protecting your peace and you have successfully reclaimed your time!
You found your identity in others You were exhausted from morphing into what your partner wanted at the expense of your own needs. Codependent relationships were your jam.
You know yourself. You are aware of what your soul needs in a partner and you don’t settle for less. You’re finally in a place where you can enjoy the fruit of choosing you.
You were telling yourself how terrible you were. You couldn’t see past your mistakes and replayed all the conversations where people put you down. This kept you stuck.
You shine! You learned you don’t have to look like where you’ve been and you can stamp out the shame with connection to others who lift you up after you’ve straightened your crown. You know the formula to getting back on the horse.

When you work through this program with me and several others on a similar path, you will get to work directly with me and other like-minded women in a community that promotes positive change

“Claim your place in this online community”

This is your chance to claim your seat at the table as the confident woman you create after identifying and unlearning the negative core beliefs that have YOU stuck. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? It is! For the woman who is serious about making connections with others like her for positive change, this comprehensive program is for you. The transformation can be yours! Here’s a snippet of what you will get.

Subconscious Self-labeling

Are you a Daddy’s Girl? A Gold Digger? A little (or a lot) clingy? Sis, this was all me at some point. This week we will explore the various types of women with Daddy Issues and how knowing this helps you on your journey to healing.

Do we date our dads?

What we all want to learn is: how do my Daddy Issues show up in my romantic life? Did you get a whole life partner and still leave baggage unchecked? I’ve helped countless women work through strategies to unpack myths we tell ourselves based on what our Daddy Issues taught us about intimacy in dating and marriage. We will chat about the importance of a healthy relationship with yourself, first!

Self-Care Audit

This introduction to your life change will cover the fundamentals! Each week, you get to say hey to ya girl (me!) live while also getting to know each other. I introduce you to a tool that helps you see how well you’re really taking care of yourself. While sitting in this no judgment space, you’ll get to develop your individualized self-care plan with guidance from me and feedback from the rest of the circle as we lift each other up with ideas to feed your mind, body, and soul!

Genuine Connections v.s. Trauma Bonding

One of the most important things we can know about ourselves when trying to break down our relationships is our attachment styles. This module outlines the different ways we bond with one another, whether we are in an intimate relationship, friendship, employee-employer relationship, etc. These major keys unlock where we can improve as secure people no matter the interaction.


Are you a mom? Cool aunt? A mentor? Ever thought about how your Daddy Issues impact your ability to nurture the next generation? This week we get into how we can stop projecting our own crap on our kids. They watch what we do just like we did coming up. Let’s break the cycle together!

Relax, Reflect, Release!

It’s time to get to look at the Sis in the Mirror. The next few weeks of introspection starts here. I will define the unique Daddy Issues Diagnosis here and the symptoms that come along with it. What does it really look like? Find out here and be ready to start peeping out how and when they show up in your life.

What kind of friend are you, really?

Yes, Sis. Our friendships are impacted by how our Daddy Issues are manifested in our lives. During this module we explore the friend types out there and where you fall based on the narrative created by your Daddy Issues. These same categories can look like the ones we see in the kind of romantic partner you are, which we explore next week. See? This is a comprehensive system! Full makeover. Get into it!

Go forth and Prosper!

At this point, it’s time to dawn your cap and gown: you’ve reached graduation! We are going to discuss the formula for overcoming Daddy Issues. I can’t wait to share with you. This will be an opportunity to celebrate with each other and revisit the self-care plan you’ve been working this whole time. Let chat about your progress and how to keep it going!

More about working with Christian

T. Phillips

The personal check-ins each chapter are the mirror that provide an opportunity to acknowledge our brokenness and celebrate our successes. Your relationship with your dad is the foundation of your garden, this book is a weed eater and fertilizer in one... apply it and you will fully bloom!

A. Foster

Christian’s honest and interactive reflection on “Daddy Issues” provides the reader with thoughtful tools for empowering self-awareness and personal growth.
Modern Workspace

Are you ready to protect yourself in your relationships without having to fight all the time?

Because handling your relationships with GRACE and moving from being anxiously in love to being secure in your relationships means you move from

Having unresolved trauma → Triumphant in the truth

Not trusting easily → Fearless and sets proper boundaries

Depressed and anxious → More centered and grounded

Shameful → Stops internalizing and applies appropriate responsibility

Rarely caring for self → Intentional about tending to ongoing reflection/needs

This is how some people have already found what they need

M Brown

Christian Jackson keeps an upbeat, yet professional demeanor throughout her intriguing, personal story with her father as she helps others unravel uneasy father or family issues while educating and encouraging positive thinking and change.

S. Ray

Everyone has a glitch in their systems. This personal testimony of the author will bring yours to life while helping you through it all.

How will the information be delivered?

  • Hours of pre-recorded content to work through at your own pace

  • Monthly, live check-ins with the accountability group, led by Christian

  • Worksheets to practice the skills discussed

  • Regular check-in measures to help track progress

  • Weekly (almost daily) coaching in the private FB group with opportunities to workshop ideas and roadblocks

  • Short quizzes to help you stay on your toes

  • Evidence-based tools to help you make progress

  • Access to Christian’s network of experts to help you elevate your experience

Remember, if you want this kind of transformation…

Wanting to give up → Making boss moves despite the haters

Attachment issues → Secure with herself

Feeling lonely → Valuing time alone and intimate relationships

Worrying about everything → Protecting your peace

Questioning yourself → Secure that no matter the move, because she trusts and values herself

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