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Daddy Issues Support

Do you feel the twinge of rejection in your body when a relationship fails?

Have you been replaying over and over how life could have been different if your father was there?

Do you avoid trusting people because you learned pretty early that it's easy to be let down?

Are you experiencing loss of sleep, anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame? (Just to name a few).

I support women in recovery from Relationship Trauma.

Do I have Daddy Issues?

Take this screen to find out....

As a survivor of emotional trauma, I understand the importance of having support for dealing with the Father Wound. This can have a lasting effect on your ability to trust people or yourself. Intimate relationships with friends, intimate partners, our children link back to the way you learned how to have relationships in the first place. Learn how to manage the anxiety, depression, and other post traumatic stress symptoms that are related to Daddy Issues. Individual therapy includes a targeted plan for you to follow to be more proactive about your healing rather than reactive. With the tools you’ll learn, there will be a chance to unlearn the things that taught you that you could never be whole.

Check out my resources to learn more about how to get additional support. 

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