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Working Remotely

The GRACE Academy

Part of my plan to reach as many people I can about the keys to healing from relationship trauma is offering more opportunities to connect across the world! I'm joining the online course movement and you are cordially invited!


The GRACE Academy will offer an array of courses dedicated to the content you want to see. I always enjoy hearing from you about what you want to learn!

The first installment of courses, "Is it Me?" will touch on how you can recognize how you may be getting in your own way when it comes to building meaningful connections, not only with others, but yourself. Check it out!

What to expect

I hope you consider this an opportunity to 

-Get to know your symptoms

-Rescript your negative messages

-Address self-care needs

-Connect with healthy people and...

-Enforce healthy boundaries

Still wondering what is in it for you?


✨Transformation! You’ll get tools to be a productive part of healthy relationship with yourself and someone else, if you choose

✨Self-Awareness and strategies to stop self-sabotaging behaviors in order to find a healthy intimate relationship, including one with yourself

✨After taking this course, you'll be able to bravely get out of your own way and identify Daddy Issues Symptoms, current barriers to meaningful connection, how your body responds to relationships, and much more!

There are so many wonderful ways to do things on your own terms with courses I offer. Check them out today!

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