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Frequently Asked Questions

I understand looking into therapy for the first time can be overwhelming. 

Hopefully, I can answer some of them for you. 

See below for more information about whether therapy is necessary, fees, what session #1 is like, and more.

Top FAQs

What therapy services do you offer?

I offer individual therapy for adult clients. I typically see adult women ages 25 and up.


What issues do you help with?

Anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress symptoms. I also include therapeutic interventions for women recovering from emotional trauma AKA Daddy Issues.


Do I need therapy?

You have to answer these questions yourself. However, I believe everyone could use therapy. Do you find you're worrying enough that it is impacting sleep? Appetite? Relationships? If you answer “yes” to even a small degree, you could likely benefit from learning how to engage in a specialized treatment plan just for you. Learn which tools will be helpful to target your concerns. You wouldn’t be considered “crazy”; in fact, it’s a responsible thing to do to check in on how to make positive changes.


What’s the first session like?

First, I will interview you about your history. I’ll ask you to elaborate on what brought you to therapy. Then, you share what you’re comfortable with about your past history regarding medical, family, relationships, hobbies, and more. This information helps me get to know you and give you insight on a diagnosis, which will inform our work together. There’s no rush to get to know you; if you continue meeting with me, I will learn about you along the way. We will also talk about the paperwork you received prior to our appointment and you can ask questions at that time and throughout therapy. 


How long will it take to feel better?

This depends on what you want to work on. With the targeted treatment plan (AKA a list of goals you want to accomplish in therapy)  we develop together, you will have a roadmap that we will review together from time to time to check the progress. You will receive regular check-ins to track your progress every session. Working with me means at least 3 months of consistent appointments no more than 2 weeks apart at first. You get out of therapy what you put in it! My experience is people come less when they are working their plan and find ways to help themselves more.

Will my insurance cover this? 

It likely does! Please note, I am only in network with BCBS. Anyone else will be considered self-pay, meaning you will pay out of pocket for $175 for the first session and $150 for each follow up appointment. I also offer Superbills, which means I can give you a detailed receipt for your insurance company, which MAY reimburse you for my services, but it’s not guaranteed. Please ask me about this during our consultation call!


Can I be in another state to engage in therapy with Christian?

Unfortunately, not. I am only licensed in the state of South Carolina. However, start with these great directories to find a therapist in your area. 

Therapy for Black Girls

Psychology Today


How does Daddy Issues Support work?

Here are my products and services related to this. It’s a great way to engage in resources while looking for a therapist in your state. This is also an opportunity for additional support if you are planning to engage in therapy with me and want to enhance your experience to work through this specific issue.

I am currently working on developing support groups that will allow me to serve you in even more ways. Stay tuned!

Let's talk about a new beginning.

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