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Trauma Therapy

Do you feel like you are reliving the same bad memories?

Have you been uncomfortable in public spaces since experiencing certain things?

Do you avoid doing the things you used to do since you experienced something major?

Are you finding that you're eating and sleeping patterns are different since the trauma happened?

Nothing is wrong with you, something happened to you...

Dealing with these symptoms and more can be overwhelming and impact the way you relate to others and even yourself. There is a major shift in how we navigate the world after going through a traumatic event. 


Maybe you used to be able to hide your discomfort or anger, but whatever “it”’s been building up for years and getting more difficult to sweep under the rug.


I offer EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a specialized service for people who are ready to target the memories that linger. EMDR helps us to target the root of the memory and update the way you deal with the situation. This part of the process is specifically designed to teach you how to take back the power and control the way you show up.

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