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Christian Jackson


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Ever wondered how or why your relationships with friends, family, lovers, coworkers, even your children are impacted by your Daddy Issues?


Yes, you have them...and believe it: these special set of problems have a very specific way of entangling us in webs so deceitful, it has our heads spinning!


Christian Jackson describes this philosophy in detail by giving us a unique diagnosis of the Daddy Issues.


She tells us how she was impacted and what to do to ensure the symptoms go into remission.


This insightful, funny, emotional ride shares the heart of a woman who stopped fighting the depression, anxiety, and all the things that came with her unresolved junk.


She finally figured out what matters as she healed...and she’s here to share the secrets with women across the world on how to walk in grace and kick the stink of Daddy Issues.

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"The personal check-ins each chapter are the mirror that provide an opportunity to acknowledge our brokenness and celebrate our successes.


Your relationship with your dad is the foundation of your garden, this book is weed eater and fertilizer in one... apply it and you will fully bloom!”

Tina Phillips



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