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I help women who

 👉🏾Feel like they have to 💪🏾 prove themselves to be loved 

 👉🏾Fighting to be accepted 🤗

 👉🏾Keep making the same dating mistakes 💔


 All because they don't realize the extent of their Daddy Issues


 Join the "Is it Me?" Course & Program! In less than 8 weeks, I can teach you steps to

 💫Release the shame of your past 🙈

 💫Learn how to apply G.R.A.C.E. to your present 🙏🏾
 💫Be excited for your
future 🚀

So you can have more fulfilling relationship with God, yourself, and the people around you!

Not convinced that you have Daddy Issues? 🤔

In denial about how they are jacking up your relationships?

Take this Relationship Inventory by clicking the button below.

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My Daddy Issues are Showing

“Gold Diggers need love too”

“You’re not in love, you’re traumatized”

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Hire me

to speak for your


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