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I'm Christian Jackson and I am passionate about helping women release the burden of their traumas. Do you...

Feel unworthy and want to learn to challenge the lies you believe?
Experience toxic relationships and need to learn to set boundaries?
Feel unsafe and need practical skills to address constant worry?
Overwhelmed and want to address guilt while engaging in self-care?

If you answered "yes", this is the place for you! Many times, we worry because we don't understand the "how" and we lose hope that we can use our voices. Allow me to show you the tools you can easily implement daily to increase your confidence. It's amazing how the world looks when we are healed!


You Deserve Healing

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Sis! You made it! Come on into this safe space. As a trained trauma therapist, I help people address anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress symptoms. If you are a woman who doesn't feel safe in her own body, doesn't feel chosen by others, who has a hard time addressing personal needs, (and more), this is the place for you. My specialty is helping you find control in the chaos, while braving the traumas of your past. 
My book, Daddy Issues: How to Detangle from the Sins of our Fathers, is about the struggle of dealing with emotional trauma as I, too, was impacted by the ever present Daddy Issues we all contend with. Therapy helped me come to terms with a more whole, healed version of me. I want that for you.

I hope you continue to get to know me! Whether you're looking to
engage in therapy for the first time,  take a self-paced approach via my online courses, or hire me as a speaker for your book club or women's support group, etc. I am happy to meet you where you are. Browse around and see what services I have to match your needs in this season; let's work this out together!


Pre-Order New Online Course!
Is It Me? How My Daddy Issues May be Jacking Up My  Relationships

You had a history of toxic relationships. However, you always had a desire to be in a healthy, intimate partnership. Your experience with an absent father attracted narcissistic men to you.

You have the confidence to create healthy boundaries in your romantic relationship. You no longer depend on other people to fill the void your father left in your heart.

You put walls up because you didn’t want people to see your flaws. You accepted these flaws as truth and hid from anyone who told you something positive about yourself.

You believe the beauty you have within. You stand firm with lessons learned from tough experiences and realize your strength. You understand the feedback from other people are based on their own worldviews.

You’ve thought of giving up...several times. You knew the world would be better off without you. There wasn’t one positive thing you could imagine about who you were.

You get back on the horse and ride it into the sunset. You face the light and have so much love and peace you radiate to others around you!

You were telling yourself how terrible you were. You couldn’t see past your mistakes and replayed all the conversations where people put you down. This kept you stuck.

You shine! You learned you don’t have to look like where you’ve been and you can stamp out the shame with connection to others who lift you up after you’ve straightened your crown.

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Check out some of the modules from the 
Daddy Issues Healing Programs

The Daddy Issues Healing Circle is your chance to claim your seat at the table as the confident woman you create after identifying and unlearning the negative core beliefs that have YOU stuck. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? It is! For the woman who is serious about making connections with others like her for positive change, this comprehensive program is for you. The transformation can be yours!

Self-Care Audit 


Reflect, Relax & Release

Genuine Connection v.s Trauma

What kind of friend are you?



Dating and Daddy Issues

How to maintain the new you! 

"Addresses how the symptoms of Daddy Issues can present differently".

My sister let me borrow her copy of this book and knowing it belonged to someone else, it jumped to the top of my To Be Read pile. I am so glad she sent it home with me. Christian addresses how the symptoms of Daddy Issues can present differently for different women and the many aspects of life that can be impacted. My sisters and I exhibit different symptoms even having been raised by the same parents.
I loved that there were self-care check-ins and homework after each chapter, it helped me reflect on my personal views, issues, and hangups. It helped personalize and connect what I was reading to my own life experiences and perspectives.
I 100% recommend this book. In fact, I just ordered a copy to gift to a friend.


You have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world
-Harriet Tubman

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