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Affirmations for Women with Daddy Issues

I often talk about the symptoms of women with Daddy Issues. To some degree, we deal with trauma (emotional, spiritual, mental, sexual, etc.) as a result of our relationships with our fathers. We put walls up to protect our younger selves. We may sabotage relationships because we are fearful of a connection that may not be permanent. Because of these things and more we get a bad reputation of being whores who choose partners who are like our fathers and when we can’t make those work we accept the cash for love. Whew! Sound familiar?

I am here today to offer affirmations for women with Daddy Issues. After all, the cornerstone of the Daddy Issues Movement is to offer the proper language for us who have allowed society to call us “difficult” and “lost”. The framework in my books, groups, and other content is meant to empower you.

Meet yourself where you are. Let’s keep these affirmations close for daily reminders of who we are.

Women with Daddy Issues are…

Accountable for their response to situations. We don’t blame our fathers for everything. However, we will apply appropriate responsibility. We know what we need to work on and we find the resources to do what needs to be done.

Resilient. We’ve been knocked down, but we get up stronger and more aware of who and what we need to be successful. We don’t stay down long, but if we do, we understand we are not defined by what we’ve been through.

Steadfast in our mission to feel better. We may not do it the healthiest way every time, who does? We are following our natural instinct to avoid pain. After working through the programs offered here with me, you’ll be steadfast in the pursuit of the healthy, whole hearted, brave work of overcoming Daddy Issues.

Go with that, Sis. There is more to you than others have pegged you for. How will you control the narrative?

What do you want to add to the list? Tell us below and share your “why”!

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