Pray, Twerk, Work, Repeat
Healing Relationship Trauma w/Christian Jackson

Welcome to my pod!

Come listen to me break down why you may be having trouble dating, why you feel single in your long-term relationship (including marriage), and how your baggage is getting in the way. I'm here to answer things like...✨Dealing with Daddy Issues ✨Feeling lonely in your marriage✨How to stop choosing the same person✨Setting boundaries and having accountability in relationships✨breaking traumatic dating cycles ✨how to address mental health through this 💗so much more.

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What's it mean?

Pray-We need a divine connection sometimes. Whether you're a Jesus girl like me, or you have a relationship with nature, this is one of the most freeing things you can do for your sanity. Who doesn’t love a way to brain dump your anxieties?


Twerk-I love a good dance session! The jitters need a place to go, after all. Moving your body is a great way to release the trauma that lives in our bodies. So, twerk on! Take your power back!


Work-No real progress is done unless you put in work! I like to have a good time, and we will! And we are going to talk about the tools you need to lean into the hard things and face things you never thought you could.


*Pray, Twerk, Work* Get it?! This is how we are going to heal relationship trauma together.

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Pray, Twerk, Work, Repeat Pod (Banner (Landscape)) (820 × 360 px) (1).png

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